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AltTextInfrastructure and Resources

Good quality resources will enhance learning and facilitate teaching. Pupils need ready access to a range of resources not just to learn but also to be able to demonstrate their learning. With clear links to school plans and regular review, a core of resources will be well used, well maintained and will maximise learning for all pupils.
  • auditing existing infrastructure including network architecture and hardware and software resources
  • mapping existing resources across the curriculum
  • identifying gaps in resourcing
  • maximising investment in resources by considering “the bigger picture” to ensure value for money
  • offering advice about current trends in new and emerging technologies
  • identifying the most appropriate devices and configuration for enhancing learning in school
  • considering additional peripherals including cases, tripods, mounts, headphones, microphones, green screens, data logging and sensing equipment
  • supporting configuration of Mobile Device Management for managing devices, deploying content and information to pupils and staff (including school diaries, core web links, core apps)
  • clarifying Apple’s Volume Purchasing Programme (VPP) in schools to purchase and manage apps
  • ensuring a robust system is in place for charging and storage specific to your school

Krowdrah sources its screens and lighting equipment from Photogeeks.

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